Unilever launch Sustainable corporate aims

They use six headings    Health ,Livelihoods , Water ,Carbon imprint ,Waste and Sustainable Sourcing    . The Targets are set around 2020 but Fruit and Veg for 2012 and 2015 so more pressure on suppliers in this sector
The vision makes it clear that a major driver is a more competitive Unilever whilst meeting demands of their customers and end consumers .
The criteria targets are for
•  Soil health: improving the quality of soil and its ability to support plant and animal life
•  Soil loss: reducing soil erosion which can lead to loss of nutrients
•  Nutrients: reducing the loss of nutrients through harvesting, leaching, erosion and emissions to air
•  Pest management: reducing the use of pesticides
•  Biodiversity: helping to improve biodiversity
•  Farm economics: improving the product quality and yield
•  Energy: reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with farming
•  Water: reducing the loss and contamination of water supplies from agriculture
If other major food manufactures and retailers  take similar corporate visions it puts a new slant on assured produce  standards and gives a significant direction to applied research for F&V  (see also the PepsiCo policies re potatoes on this site )