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DIVERSify (“Designing InnoVative plant teams for Ecosystem Resilience and agricultural Sustainability”) funded under the EU H2020 programme is about improving the productivity and sustainability of European agricultural systems. It aims to optimise the performance of ‘plant teams’ to improve yield stability, reduce pest & disease damage and enhance stress resilience.

In this project we are responsible for coordination of field validation trials across a wide range of international partners and commercial growers. Also on-site we are trialling cereals grown with an in-crop clover living mulch using strip tillage approaches to mitigate impact on yield.

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The TRUE project (“TRansition paths to sUstainable legume-based systems in Europe”) is a practice-research partnership, funded under the EU H2020 programme. It aims to identify the paths to increased sustainable legume cultivation and consumption across Europe.
We are evaluating in-crop clover living mulches across a range of broad-acre crops in a case study.

Are living mulches compatible with modern yield-driven arable production? We are using innovations in commercial machinery and precision agricultural technologies to find out.

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STC 'Living Mulches'

Our ‘Living Mulches’ project, funded by the Rural Payments Agency under EIP-Agri, aims to make use of innovations in precision agriculture technology-assisted strip tillage to demonstrate and validate the use of in-crop clover living mulches in arable systems. We work with project partner, Manterra Ltd, and make use of the CHAP Innovation Centre’s Baertschi Oekosem ROTOR Strip Till, to do this across two sites on a commercial scale, aiming to validate clover living mulches as a viable, achievable and profitable option for arable farmers, while also providing beneficial environmental service.


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