Stockbridge Technology Centre

What we do

The Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) was launched in April 2001 to ensure continued technological developments for the horticultural industry. This grower-led initiative has created an independent horticultural centre of excellence supported by both the production and supply sectors of the industry.

In order to preserve the independence of STC and ensure the facilities and business are retained in the industry, a two tier structure of companies has been constructed.

STC Research Foundation is a company limited by guarantee and is also a registered educational charity.
The Directors, who are the guarantors, are leaders of the industry drawn from both grower and academic aspects. STC Research is an eligible body for research and educational business activities, enabling simpler collaborative interchanges with the Government and its bodies as well as Universities. We use this company in our relationships with DEFRA and the Horticultural Development Council for example.

Stockbridge Technology Centre Ltd (STC) is a company limited by shares. This company carries out all our commercial work and is responsible for administration and operation of the Stockbridge House site. The Directors are Mr Martin Evan and Mr Graham Ward (who is also Company Secretary). All our work for the commercial clients is carried out by this company. All staff operating the STC business are employed and as with the Directors, no shares are owned except by STC Research Foundation.

The Group is thus fully committed to serving the industry from which it gains its business and expertise, and is truly by ethos and structure, a not for profit business.