Agriculture and climate change: An agenda for negotiation in Copenhagen

The Sustainable Development Commissions
Scotland) has published
a series of 6 guidance documents, for community groups wanting to apply to the
Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund. 


These ‘route maps’ as they are called, are designed to
help community groups develop realistic, effective carbon reduction projects.
They all include estimates of the emissions reductions achievable as a result of
various actions.  The SDC website says that ‘While these are necessarily
estimates, and in some cases rest on a range of untested assumptions, the aim is
to provide a common set of figures for projects as they develop baselines and
reduction plans. This not only allows the community groups to focus on project
development, rather than searching for figures and calculators, it means that
applications to the Climate Challenge Fund are – unless applicants choose
otherwise for a particular reason – using a common set of metrics.’


One of the route maps focuses on Food.


The other ones cover: project planning, feasibility
studies, energy, travel and community buildings.   You can download these here:



The guidance documents were written by Osbert Lancaster,
of Footprint Consulting (and on the FCRN mailing list).  FC provides a bit more
background about the project on its website here: