Tatchell takes over from Bright at the NHF

New Executive Officer for National Horticultural Forum
Professor Mark Tatchell is to take over from Professor Simon Bright as the Senior Executive Officer for the National Horticultural Forum (NHF) from June 2012.
Professor Tatchell is currently Chairman of the Red Tractor Assurance Fresh Produce Scheme. He brings to the NHF extensive experience of the horticultural industry through a distinguished research and leadership career at Horticulture Research International and Rothamsted Research.   More recently, he has developed a successful consultancy business linked to both the edible and ornamental sectors of horticulture and agriculture and its associated research.
Andrew Colquhoun, chairman of the NHF, commented “ We are very grateful to Simon for all the progress which he has helped the NHF to make on its agenda for horticultural R&D in the last few years, in particular in developing the dialogue with the Office of the Government Chief Scientist through the Horticultural Roundtable process. That work is now moving into a new phase, so it is a natural time for Simon to hand over to Mark Tatchell. I look forward to working with Mark as the NHF develops a new programme of action to ensure that nationally we have coherent policies for horticultural R&D to support innovation in production horticulture.”
Contacts for further information:
Dr Andrew Colquhoun, Chairman of the National Horticultural Forum Steering Group.
E-mail: colquhounaj@aol.com Tel: 07970 138334
Professor Simon Bright, National Horticultural Forum executive
E-mail:  bright@jbright.demon.co.uk   Tel: 07973 215750
Professor Mark Tatchell
E-mail: mark.tatchell@btinternet.com  Tel: 07981 717419