May the Food be Tasty 8th May 2012

May the Food be Tasty  8th May 2012
Details of this program
This program looks at Pigs finally ready for market, planting lettuce and planting our wild flower plants.

  • Pigs for bacon – The pigs we have followed from farrowing are weighed to see if they are ready for bacon. We also follow a local butcher as he explains how a pig carcass is butchered into the various pork and bacon cuts
  • Planting Lettuces – We see the schools visiting Stockbridge Technology Centre planting lettuce and then see how this is done on a commercial scale.
  • Planting out Wild Flowers for a Bee Larder – Luke Tilley from Stockbridge Technology Centre explains how best to plant out the wild flower plants and we explain how to make the most of any existing wild flowers in your school or garden