Help with Summer Term Planning

We know many of you do outside and countryside topics during the summer term – so although our aim is for you to watch our programs all year round, we thought we would give you an outline of our Summer Term programs to help you fit them in with your planning.
Each program will have a wildlife, livestock and crops section, which can be watched all as one or separately as required. Even if the topics covered don’t exactly match your topic they will still link to various areas of the curriculum or even your Eco School Projects. We hope they will also be useful for background information and ideas, and will hopefully connect your pupils with what you are doing and the wider world.
Some of the topics we will covering are:
Lambing Lowdown
Already started in our 12 March program we will be spending a day or two with out Shepherds as they tend their flock of 2000 ewes during lambing and then we will follow these lambs as they grow up over the summer and autumn
Olympic Food Chain
We will be showing some of the farms which will produce the ‘Red Tractor Certified’ food which will be eaten in the Olympic Villages and Stadiums, by the athletes and by you if you are lucky enough to have a ticket.
Planting Potatoes
Perhaps you plant potatoes with your pupils, see the pupils who visit Stockbridge planting their potatoes. Well we can link it to how farmers plant their potatoes and then later in the year we will show them being harvested and even made into crisps. You can send for a ‘Grow your own potatoes’ kit from the Potato Council – see this website  Morrisons ‘Let’s Grow’ also offer a Potato Barrel kit in exchange for your vouchers – see website
Harvesting Tomatoes
Cucumbers are being harvested now – see the 26 March program next week… Tomatoes will be in the April or May programs
Boosting the Biodiversity
Increase the biodiversity of your local area – ideal for Eco Schools or many areas of the curriculum. We will be showing how to plant and encourage bee larders among many other wildlife gems…..
If you have any specific request for farming, wildlife and the countryside then please let us know and we will point our camera in that direction and see what we catch…..
Program dates for Summer Term are:
23 April 2012
8 May 2012
21 May 2012
11 June 2012
25 June 2012
9 July 2012