Discovering Our Countryside Forth coming program content to help with your planning

Discovering-Our-Countryside Program Update
Just to help you with your planning for the last half-term of another school year here’s what we will be covering in the 3 programs after the Jubilee Celebrations

Olympic Snails
– Snail Racing to find the speed of a snail then scale it up to human size to see if a snail could win an Olympic Medal. Lots of curriculum links here e.g science to find the snails, maths to work out speeds and scale sizes up. Snail racing kits available to download from the Nature Detectives Website

Healthy Athletes
– What do athletes eat to be so fit and healthy – the same as us of course a balanced diet. We look at some examples such as salads – e.g. lettuce being harvested. We also look at the best drink for re-hydration after exercise – MILK How it is produced and bottled
Strawberries and Cream – A favourite snack at Wimbledon; see how they are produced. Curriculum Links to Science, technology
Ruminants – How can cows and sheep survive on grass when we cannot? – Details about the ruminants 4 stomach and how mini beasts are important to ruminants curriculum links to science