Defra trying to sort out the tensions

Call for proposals: Evidence to define the sustainability of a healthy diet
Project number FFG 0925
Defra requires a comprehensive review of the current evidence, guidance, data and metrics available, to quantify sustainability attributes of consumer diets. This review will use established guidance on healthy eating and will not re-examine evidence of what constitutes a healthy diet. The review will assess to what extent the available evidence can be used to describe the sustainability of a healthy diet.
More specifically the review will:
•        Examine the current evidence, guidance, data, and metrics which can be used to quantify sustainability attributes of a healthy diet, based on established guidance for healthy eating. The review should assess the quality and robustness of the data/metrics available regarding sustainability where methodology remains underdeveloped.
•        Investigate a broad range of attributes underpinning environmental, social and economic sustainability within the food system.  Systems used at all stages of the food chain should be considered (e.g. production systems may be field-based or protected crops, using techniques that are conventional, low-input, certified organic/red tractor/LEAF Marque/RSPCA Freedom Foods, etc).
•        Look for synergies and trade-offs between different attributes of sustainability and between sustainability and healthy eating.
•         Investigate the extent to which the industry would be able to accommodate proposed changes in diet to provide a sustainable healthy diet to consumers at an affordable price.
•        Identify data or evidence gaps and make recommendations for future research to support a robust characterisation of the sustainability of a healthy diet.
The deadline for submissions is Friday 7th May 2010.  For more information go to: