April Showers – Lambs Wild Flowers Potatoes Program Now Available

Hello the next Discovering-Our-Countryside Program is now on-line….
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The latest programs is:
April Showers – Lambs, Wild Flower, Potatoes…

This program looks at April’s seasonal changes and happenings in the countryside, and down on the farm, a bit like the saying April Showers we see a cascade of new life and sowing for future new life.
•    Lambing – Follow lambing on Oliver’s Farm where we see lots of new born lambs and the work involved in looking after all these new lives, which involves both experienced shepherds and fresh, enthusiastic young shepherds.
•    Planting Potatoes – We see the first school visits of the year to Stockbridge Technology Centre and see the children and their teachers busy planting potatoes and wild flowers.
•    Wild Flowers for a Bee Larder – Luke Tilley from Stockbridge Technology Centre explain a little about the bee larder project he is running and shows you how to plant wild flowers seeds which can be used to start your own school or garden bee larder.