LED 4 Crops

  World LED Science 

Our Partners Philips are bringing knowledge from all round the world to the LED 4 Crops project . We have listed some of these below and put links where available.
UK STC LED Facility: Click Here to find out more about our LED facility.
Chrysanthemums:   Click Here for more information.
USA :Knowledge includes research into the following areas:

  • Young plant rooting/germination trials with Purdue University for the Top 10 bedding/potplants of USA .
  • Photoperiodic tests with Michigan State University (Flowering Lamp).
  •  Spinach at Cornell University.
  •  Tomato and cucumber trials at Guelph University.

Click Here for more information.
 China: Research is being carried out at the following institutions:

  1. Shanghai Jiaotong University
  2. Beijing IEDA

Click the institute to find out more.
France: Work is being carried out at:

  • INRA France: Avignon, Angers, Colmar
  • CNRS, Strasbourg

Germany: Max Planck