From then till now!

Stockbridge Technology Centre was originally established as Horticultural Research International (HRI) Stockbridge House. Closed as Stockbridge House HRI due to financial cuts, Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) was saved by the industry in April 2001 and rose up grower owned, independent and stronger than ever. To this day, STC aims to serve the agricultural and horticultural industry via the testing and communication of technological developments which serve to enhance the production capacity and profitability of the industry.

Throughout its long history STC has worked on a huge variety of projects for both public and private clients from the post-war development of rhubarb varieties to testing how different tomato varieties might cope as the environmental changes caused by climate change become more acute across the world. Not many companies are blessed by the space and cutting-edge equipment to work on developing agronomic practices for both arable and protected crops.

STC has developed and changed beyond recognition over the years, notably forming a valuable partnership with Crop Health and Protection (CHAP), and as it stands extends to 67 hectares of grade I fully irrigatable sandy loam with approximately 40 glasshouses of various sizes, poly-tunnels, the CHAP deep-water hydroponics testing facility and various growing spaces to test Light Emitting Diode (LED) spectra for growing the best crops to growing crops under LED lights to commercial standards in the CHAP Vertical Farming Development Centre, testing the economics of crop growth prior to investment. The possibilities for tailored business advancement and projects designed to respond to the ever-increasing needs of the industry are endless.

Beyond technological developments for the industry STC is committed to sustainability and conservation, employing considerate agronomic practices at all times and maintaining field margins and hedgerows around the farm. Importantly we also run an award winning educational programme which seeks to educate children from the surrounding local area about where their food comes, how it’s grown and how to cook it to how to make a viable business from selling the literal ‘fruits’ of their labor.

Our depth of history, acquired knowledge and skill to take the agricultural and horticultural industry forward remains tucked away in the heart of Yorkshire poised to communicate the findings to the world. To take advantage of this please don’t hesitate to get in touch!