Dow calls for return of old aminopyralid stocks


05 FEBRUARY 2010

Dow calls for return of old aminopyralid stocks

While aminopyralid has regained authorisation for use on grassland, any old stocks remaining on farm cannot be used as product labels do not reflect the newly approved use instructions. Instead, they should be returned to Dow AgroSciences.

“Approval is not given for an active ingredient,” explains technical specialist Andy Bailey. “Approval is granted for a specific product with a specific label. When Forefront is reintroduced into the UK, it will be supplied with a new label under a new MAPP number. Farmers will not be complying with the regulations governing correct use of crop protection products if they look to use any aminopyralid product – Forefront, Pharaoh or Banish – that was supplied before the products were suspended in 2008.”

Anyone with stocks – whether complete pack or part used packs – should, in the first instance, contact Dow AgroSciences’ hotline – 0800 689 8899 or email

The recall is endorsed by the NFU. Paul Chambers, NFU plant health advisor, points out that farmers who ignore the recall could face problems with farm assurance inspections as well as potential impacts on their single farm payment.