Action required on ‘Grandfather Rights’

Article 5 in the current Defra consultation on Implementation of EU Pesticides Legislation  []
relates to ‘Training and Certification’ requirements.
One of the proposed options within the consultation is to remove ‘Grandfather Rights’ for both pesticide users and advisors.  In the horticultural sector there are many advisors, including those who serve as BASIS trainers, who still rely on their ‘Grandfather Rights’ status for providing pesticide training and advice to growers & others.  Removal of this provision will have a serious impact in the short-term and potentially force many individuals into early retirement. It could also make it difficult to find sufficient people with the relevant knowledge and experience to run future BASIS training courses.
It is important therefore that all those people who are currently relying on ‘Grandfather Right’ status, and who may be affected by any final decision, read the document carefully and make comments accordingly either by post or fax to Caroline Kennedy, EU pesticides Consultation (Stage One), Room 214, Chemicals Regulation Directorate, Kings Pool, 3 Peasholme Green, York, YO1 7PX . Alternatively, you can send comments on-line to
There may be other issues within this consultation you would like to make comment on e.g. Article 14 : Integrated Pest Management (pages 91-100) and you are encouraged to read the document more fully and comment where applicable to your business.
Responses must reach Defra by 4th May 2010 at the latest.