Let your class grow up with a farmyard and the countryside right in their classroom

Our first program of the Autumn Term is now available FREE on-line at http://www.discovering-our-countryside.co.uk simply use your log on and password.
Then your class can follow the farm yard and countryside right through the school year with our fortnightly short video blogs.
Each program is curriculum linked so even if you are not teaching a particular subject at the moment by watching these programs your class will already be building up their knowledge of plant life cycles, looking after animals or investigating their local area for examples.
This first program covers:

  • The harvesting of crops – shows farmers harvesting various crops such as cereals, potatoes and peas. It also shows how a combine harvester threshes the corn in one process.
  • The Harvesting of grass – Shows livestock harvesting grass to make milk for their offspring. Shows lambs being weighed to see if they are heavy enough for sending to market.
  • Investigating a local area- The Yorkshire Wolds – first in the heritage of the wolds series. This program shows how the wolds were formed by ice and water. It then outlines where the wolds actually are and ask pupils to start and look at their local area in preparation for following programs which will show how this might have changed and why.