Autumn Term Videos – Some comments from schools

Below you will find comments taken from the Discovering Our Countryside website that are regarding the Autumn Term Videos.

  1. Class 3G from Knaresborough says:
    We are all really enjoying finding out about the countryside and we look forward to each new bit
    Well explained
    liked the detail
    like seeing what the machines do
    liked the corn bit
    found the harvest bit interesting
    liked finding out how things are made
    no confusing words
    like style of dvd
    like the music
    would like to find out more about the animals
    could show a food chain
    day in the life of a farmer would be good
    maybe need a bit more background information
    would like to see inside the machines
  2. Excellent videos, content very specific to our needs and appropriate to primary children. Backed up our work on Harvest and our farm visit and was most enjoyable and gave good teaching points and extended knowledge of all pupils.
  3. Carole Sharp says:
    The children loved the close up video footage of the machinery – the timing was super – it linked in well with our discussions about harvest time and the preparation for our own school harvest festival which my 4 year olds were leading for the whole school – the videos helped the children support the links between what we had been talking about across the curriculum- planting of wheat, harvesting of vegetables and making healthy soups, Little red hen action story and singing of songs linked to our Autumnal theme. The children were observed building their own combine harvesters outside!
    Further video diaries about planting of Springtime crops- would support our chdn to make further links as we embark upon our main planting season in school
    • Mark Thompson says:
      The video diary has 3 more programs up to Christmas – been filming pigs today.
      Then 18 more are planned next year – so watch this space….