Lesson Updates !

Hello “Countryside Discoverers
Nearly there just a week to your well earned rest – not that the rest of the populace see it like that but us in the know do!!!
Not that I want to be the first to mention your return in September but just to help you with any planning you may do here’s an update for content for the first few Discovering-Our-Countryside programs and dates……
8 September

  • How the harvest has been going in this wet summer – will the land be dry enough for the combines to roll and harvest the wheat, barley and oilseed rape we have followed since last Autumn
  • Will the lambs be ready for market and how is a lamb carcass cut up into the chops and leg meat
  • What is your local landscape like and how has it been moulded since the last ice age – the Yorkshire Wolds in particular

24 September

  • What happens to the products of harvest such as wheat, barley and oilseed rape – this will fit in nicely with your Harvest Festival celebrations
  • What happened to the wool we saw sheared from our sheep
  • How have sheep help to shape our landscape?

8 October

  • How are arable farmers preparing for next years harvest
  • How are livestock farmers preparing for the winter
  • Who where and are the key people in shaping your local landscape

This is just a taster and of course weather and circumstance may mean some changes if we dont get the film we need – but I hope this gives you enough to be going on with in terms of planning….
The Good news is that we will still be here providing – our FREE education-based films which allow you to bring the farm yard and countryside right into your classroom all through the Autumn Term
So make sure you plan for them – 15 minutes every fortnight will allow you to cover such important elements as:

  •  Citizenship
  • Eco-Schools
  • Healthy Schools
  • Outdoor Learning
  • Every Child Matters … and many curriculum links.

Plus: Pupils really enjoy them, they watch and they learn … it really is worth the effort to fit them into to your plans. And right now they are FREE with no obligation.
“It took me  while to find a way that I could use the videos in the classroom, but once we started using them regularly the children got really interested and now they keep asking for more!” Howden Junior School
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