Latest Program now on line and Farming bites – A new way to learn

Two great ‘bites’ of news in this e-mail

  • Even easier access
  • ‘New’ way to learn

‘New’ way to learn
Well probably not ‘new’, since most things in education seem to go in circles but we do think it is a new way to teach some of the topics covered by the discovering-our-countryside website
While we appreciate that you teach much of the material we cover in the spring and summer term, I actually learnt much of this growing up on a farm seeing it everyday. So why not watch our programs as small bites of learning – the whole program is only 10-15 mins long, or you could watch each section separately and cover the topics listed below gradually so that when you come to do them in your long term plan your class already has some knowledge on which to build.
Learning will be just like growing up with the farm yard and countryside in your classroom

Easier Access
As a result of research we have removed the need to log in to our website to view our videos, with this minor inconvenience removed – one click and you can watch our latest video
Watch 8 October 2012 – Autumn Tasks, Victorian Villages, School’s Harvest Program now
just click play and away you go
Give it a go and let us know what you think!

Plants Bites  – covers topics such as:
Science (1b Growing Plants, 2b Plants and animals, 2c Variation, 3b Plants Grow Well, 4b Habitats, 5b Life Cycles, 6a Interdependence & Adaptation, 6b Micro-organisms
Design Technology (1c Eat More Fruit and Veg, 3a Packaging, 3b Sandwich and Snacks, 5b Bread, 5d Biscuits, )
Animal Bites –  covers topics such as:
Science (1A Ourselves, 2a Health and Growth, 2b Plants and Animals, 4a Moving & Growing, 4b Habitats, 5b Life Cycles, 6a Interdependence & Adaptation, 6b Micro-organisms)
Citizenship (3a Animals and Us)
Wold Heritage bites – covers topics such as
Geography (Unit 1. Around our school – the local area,  Unit 6. Investigating our local area)
History (Unit 2. What were homes like a long time ago?, Unit 11. What was it like for children living in Victorian Britain?,  Unit 12. How did life change in our locality in Victorian times?, Unit 18. What was it like to live here in the past?)