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Countryfile Sunday 29th April: Tom Heap is on the opposite side of the country, finding out why we are still digging up one of our greatest natural defences against climate change, peat.

This week on Countryfile, Tom Heap is on the opposite side of the country, finding […]

Growing Media Association Press Release on Nat .Planning Framework peat extraction restrictions

Click Here to read the press release.

Peat extraction limited to existing sites and planning consents in England

Extract from New Planning Policy Framework 143. In preparing Local Plans, local planning authorities should: […]

Presentations from the Peat Conference held 4th October at STC

[download id=”9074″] [download id=”9078″] [download id=”9082″] [download id=”9066″] [download id=”9068″] [download id=”9070″] [download id=”9072″] [download […]

Seabrook tackles Peat Issues

Read Peter Seabrook’s article from The Sun (Oct 1st 2011) [download id=”9064″]

Latest News Peat/Biodiversity

Launched in parallel with the White Paper and the Biodiversity 2020 Strategy . Very difficult […]

The HTA and the Growing Media Initiative

GMI  have launched a scheme for garden sundries retailers to manage Defra  peat reduction calendar […]

Majestic Trees terminates contract with supplier because of stance on peat ban

Majestic Trees take action as a response to a substrate supplier who supported regulation to […]

International Peat Society publish a Strategy for Responsible Peatland Management

A paper prepared after considerable consultation and international meetings of experts, academics and a range […]

Defra announced a target to phase-out peat for amateur gardeners by 2020

A new Act on CO2 campaign launched today will encourage gardeners to use peat-free products; […]