Climate Change Posts

An Environmental professional network

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Ecostac - optimising ECOsystem Services in Terms of Agronomy and Conservation

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EFRA Committee seeks views on Ash Dieback by 14th January

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STC Man to lead national insect campaign

Dr LukeTilley has been appointed by the Royal Entomological Society to lead its popular National […]

Hedgerows provide corridors for foraging bumblebees

Researchers at the University of Northampton have published research on how bees use hedgerows to search for […]

Six months of the B-Lines initiative

Six months into the Buglife B-Lines Initiative and the  pilot Bee-Roads project in Yorkshire is […]

Biodiversity Defra Task Force selling Eco- services

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Wild Bird population monitoring 1970 -2010

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Ecosystem Services Economic Assessment

A French intellectual view of feeding the world on 2050

One scenario intensification  with no environ consideration as opposed to a scenario with ecosystem balances […]