different academic view of Food Security if you change cropping Australian research

It has implications for much rural policy including CAP    Worth reading to get  one away  […]

The EFRA Select Committee publish their recommendations to UK Government on CAP reform

European Commission Brief on the thoughts contributing to Rural Development Policy which relate particularly to CAP Pillar 2

CAP- the Presidency (Council of Ministers) views on the reform proposals

This site now has the  Commission proposals and the Parliament and Council  responses   The UK […]

European Parliament response to the Commission CAP documents

The UK Government response to the CAP consultation

Oral Evidence to EFRA subcommittee by CLA and NFU

House of Commons debate on GM and Food Security

Interesting comments by Mr Paice on R&D and R&D in relation to CAP funding

Oral evidence by RSPB and TFA given to EFRA Committee looking at CAP reform

The Written evidence from interested organizations and lobby groups to the EFRA Select Committee Impact of CAP reform