Phytophthora in Chicory

Range of services available

Specialists at Stockbridge Technology Centre routinely diagnose a wide range of crop problems, and are highly trained in resolving pre- or post-harvest problems on vegetables, ornamentals, flowers, fruit and other specialist crops. Where required we provide practical advice and recommendations for specific pest, disease, nutritional or other problems.

• We are horticultural specialists
• We provide a rapid response time
• We have BASIS qualified staff
• We can provide you with access to a broad range of expertise
• We can ensure confidentiality

The services provided are available to all sectors of the Horticultural Industry including commercial growers, consultants, technical representatives, supermarket technologists, distributors, importers and others.

Our initial comments on the sample will be faxed, emailed or posted to you within 24-48 hours of sample receipt.

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Prices are valid from the 1st July 2015

Stockbridge Technology Centre


Fee per Sample
(exc VAT)

Diagnosis of Specific Crop Problems
This includes an examination of plant material by specialists for the diagnosis of pests, diseases, phytotoxicity and other crop problems.

Basic laboratory tests including visual examination, LP & HP microscopy, incubation & a limited amount of agar culturing, are included.

Virus Testing
Detection of Plant Viruses using a range of different techniques as required for specific viruses including Electron microscopy, ELISA, sap transmission testing and PCR

Prices vary according to no. of samples and number of tests required.

Price on Application
(usually from around £125 per virus)
Water - Pathogen Testing
For the detection of Pythium and Phytophthora in lagoons, reservoirs, bore-holes, indoor/outdoor holding tanks and in run-off solution. This can be undertaken in a variety of ways:-

1. Qualitative determination of pathogens in whole tank, lagoon or other water supply on site (in situ ‘bait’ technique)

2. Quantitative determination of pathogens in sub-sample from tank, lagoon or other water supply (sub-sample dispatched to the laboratory)

3. Qualitative point source detection of specific pathogen using on site swabbing of surfaces (each pack contains 5 sterile swabs)








Soil/Compost - Pathogen Testing
For the detection of various pathogens e.g. Rhizoctonia, Thielaviopsis, Phytophthora and Pythium in soil, compost or other growing media e.g. coir.

We also offer a bio-assay (6 week seedling test) and molecular assay for Plasmodiophora brassicae, cause of Clubroot in Brassicas.

Pythium/Phytophthora only


Molecular test
Price on Application

Pathogenicity Testing
To differentiate between pathogenic micro-organisms and saprophytic (or secondary opportunist) organisms. A host inoculation study is performed under near optimum conditions for infection in this test.


From £275*
Pesticide Resistance Testing
For the detection of resistance/reduced sensitivity in pathogen and insect populations to various applied pesticides.

We can also offer specific tests, eg.
• Base-line studies
• Obligate pathogens (eg powdery mildew)

From £125
for 1st chemical,
£90 for each additional chemical

Price on Application
Biological Control: Quality and Parasitism Assessments
For the assessment of parasitism levels and natural enemy quality.

Specific tests are available for:
• Leaf miner parasitism assessments (50 leaves/sample)

• Counts on Amblyseius cucumeris sachets (quality of new sachets or viability of old sachets, 5 sachets/sample)

• Quality assurance for biological control agents
From £125



Price on Application

Nutritional Services
For the analysis of soils, compost, plant tissue and hydroponic solution.
Price on Application
Seed-borne pathogen testing
The standard test performed is based on 100 seed plated onto agar
1. Facultative (culturable) pathogens
2. Obligate (non-culturable) pathogens

Price on application
Substrate & Compost Hormone Herbicide Bioassay
Seedling bioassay investigation into possible soil, compost, FYM or substrate contamination e.g. aminopyralid, clopyralid

Consultancy Services<
Consultancy services, including site visits, production of pesticide programmes and crop pest and disease monitoring are available on request and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.
Price on Application

* Price dependent on pathogen.
NB Discounts available for multiple samples

Payment can only be accepted in sterling.

Any additional costs incurred for samples received for outside the UK will be payable by the client.