Discover our Countryside

Agriculture-4-U and Stockbridge Technology Centre are together putting farming and the countryside right at the heart of the school curriculum.

The partnership creates a regular video diary of UK Agriculture. Food Production and the Countryside, and produces an informative program every two weeks that shows what is happening down on the farm and in the rural environment as the seasons progress.

Discovering Our Countryside works to maximise the benefit of the Eco Schools initiative. It captures children’s interest and teaches them about the seasonality of UK farming, rural life and wildlife from an early age. As they grow into adulthood this knowledge will be sustained and built on, resulting in consumers who are better able to understand the needs and choices involved in food security, rural diversity and wildlife biodiversity now and in the future.

The seasonality of farming cannot be captured in a single farm visit – Discovering Our Countryside supports such visits with all-year-round, up close insights into the processes by which food ends up on our tables.

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